Unable to login to navigraph account

Hi, i have recently ran into an issue when trying to login to navigraph.com site, i put in my email and password and told to check it for the confirmation code, but i get nothing. I have waited 10 mins even 30 mins and i checked both inbox and spam and there is nothing there at all.

I am logged in on another browser on my PC, but when i try to sign in on the Brave browser, that is when i run into login problem, also tried to Edge and i get the same issue. I have also whitelisted the navigraph domain so the email does not get marked as spam or suspicious.

Would be nice to find out what the hell is going on, so i can login on my account :confused:

  • Chris

Hi Chris,

You don’t get an email. You copy the code from the previous screen. Please see Never receive approval code to email - #6 by Ian