Unable to log into APP on Chromebook


As my title says, I have downloaded and installed the new Charts 8 on my chromebook. When i attempt to log in, the browser automatically opens and i enter my log in details. Then it goes back to the APP and still is at the sign in page?

I have tried to restart my chromebook and re-installed the app.

Any ideas?



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Same problem here. The browser doesn’t know which app Iḿ trying to login to, or something similar appears when I enter my credentials at the login page.

Any suggestions?

I haven’t found anything to help unfortunately. I have just been using the website version and putting it on full screen mode on the Chromebook.

I’ve had the same issue, both in Charts and the previous version. Ended up just using the Charts website full screen.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet running latest build.

Do you all get an error message after signing in? Or what happens after sign in?

It could be an issue with your default browser and cookies. You need to enable cookies in your browser on the chromebook for login to work.



I get an error message, it says login cancelled in red.

Could you paste a screenshot please?


Yep will do, will put one on. Prob be 30mins.


Did ”login cancelled” appear immeditely or after some minutes of waiting?


Straight away.

When I open the app, it takes you to the navigraph log on page on the web browser. I press log in on the browser, it then redirects straight back to the app and after about 1 sec comes up with that message.




Is there a fix for this yet?
: just found out that it works when using Firefox instead of Chrome, maybe that helps you troubleshooting. All cookies are allowed in both browsers.