Log in impossible on Charts app

I’m seeking for help : when trying to log in on Navigraph’s Android app, it sends me to Chrome to put my infos (as usual). After typing my id and password, it then goes back to the app (as usual), but the app says that I still need to log in (and goes back to Chrome for login). My login in validated on chrome, but the app never “receives” it, and thus I’m unable to access the charts.
What can be done ?
Note that it worked well the last time I connected, probably 2 months ago.


After you enter your login details and return to the app, it can take a few seconds before the app reacts - and at this time the Sign In button is still activated. Could you try again, but give it at least 5 seconds after returning to the app.

If that still doesn’t help then please remove the app from your device and install again from Google Play.



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