Unable to login when using Android app on Chromebook

I have an account with Navigraph and it works fine on my PC and Android phone. I would like to use it on my Chromebooks also. However I can never log in successfully.

When I Load the Navigraph app on either of my two Chromebooks I get the ‘What’s new’ screen with a Sign In button.
I Click on Sign In and it opens a web browser and takes me to the ‘Sign In to Your Navigraph Account’, which I do.
I 'm then returned to the Navigraph app ‘What’s new’ screen with a ‘Login Cancelled’ message above the Sign In button.

The above procedure is the same for my Android phone, however that does successfully sign in. This sign in system just does not seem to work with Chromebooks.

Is there a way to make this work?

Hi Entropy1024,

The Android subsystem of your Chromebook cannot communicate with the browsers in ChromeOS. If you install an Android browser like Chrome or Firefox using Google Play it will work.

Kind regards,


Thank you. I will give that a go.

I had the same Problem. It worked after installing Firefox and setting it as my Standard Browser.

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