UHPP Missing Runways

Hi everyone, I have the latest AIRAC Cycle 2109 installed in MSFS and I can see the folder in the Community folder and also in the Content Manager from within the game. When using the World Map I do not see any stars or specific runways being called out. Is this due to a corrupt installaton of Navigraph data?


the reason is a outdated airport in the sim … the sim has 16/34 as runways, but in real-life it´s 16R/34L and therefore the sim can´t assign the procedures to this runways.

Here from the sim (

… and here the real-world:

Please report this to ASOBO/MS, we may not change runway-idents, nor may we are add new runways - sorry. It´s not a navdata issue as you see, it´s a sim issue.


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