TSVA - only has LNAV approach, plane flies an LPV

Hi folks,

I flew the LNAV rwy 4 approach into TSVA yesterday and today. It is only an LNAV. The plane (WT CJ4/MSFS) flew an LPV approach. I’m a RW instrument-rated pilot and I know my way around approaches. The plane’s FMS generated and captured a glideslope. And whereas on a normal LPV approach the GPS would switch from LPV TERM mode to LPV APPR mode at the FAF, in this case it switched about halfway between the FAF (KESBI) and the MAP (UKREK). It also gave me a stepdown altitude (500 ft) which is nowhere to be found on the chart (the LNAV minimums are 850).

So I’m wondering if either there is an LPV approach at TSVA that just isn’t in the Navigraph charts, or if there is some other sort of underlying issue. I can imagine an advanced FMS calculating and creating it’s own glideslop for an LNAV approach, but I can’t see how it would be in LPV modes throughout an LNAV appraoch.

Any ideas?

thanks for your report. I have looked into the database and we have only a LNAV approach for the R04 into TVSA. There is no LPV flag somewhere - not in our database, nor in the MSFS files.

Here from the original script, what we use to build the MSFS dataset:

You see the flag LNAV is set, all other flags are set to false … Sorry, but I can´t really answer your question why the plane flies a LPV but the data seems to be correct as I see.


Thanks so much, Richard, I really appreciate it. It’s odd because like I said, I can see the plane flying a “glideslope” generated by the FMS, but it’s the LPV indication that throws me. Who knows!


Hi Mike,
possible a bug in the plane? I don’t really know but worth to ask WT on their discord. Sorry, but I don’t see any data issue here.

Thank you very much

Yeah, I thought the same Richard. Thank you for your help here, I appreciate it!

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