KPSP - RNAV Z RWY 13R - Incorrect Waypoints


I just flew into Palm Springs, tried to load up the RNAV Z RWY 13R and the waypoints were all incorrect.

Almost crashed into the mountains!

I have my beta installed in MSFS and everything.

Can anyone else load up and confirm for me?

I suspect that MSFS in its current form is incapable of decoding the special RF leg segments contained in this procedure. The Navigraph AIRAC is correct, but the nav system in MSFS does not know how to interpret the information.

A similar thing will happen in many P3D add-on aircraft if you try to load the KPSP RNP approaches into an FMS that is not capable of RNP. In fact, the only two add-on aircraft I own that are capable of actually flying this approach “as written” are the FSL A320 in P3D, and the Zibo 737-700 in X-Plane

thanks for the reply… this is good to know… any suggestions for how to fly into KPSP when the aircraft are not able to fly instrument approach procedures?

Also - I think KPSP area is bugged in MSFS as is anyway… there are about a million wind turbines on the ground in the area… very hard on the PC and not realistic at all :slight_smile:

If a real airplane does not have an RNP-capable FMS and autopilot, the only available approach at KPSP is the VOR/GPS B.

Unfortunately, the way that the Nav system in MSFS currently works, an approach that is not associated with a specific runway will not appear in the list of available approaches on the flight planning screen or in the aircraft GPS or FMS procedure section, so there is no way to directly load it in a flight plan.

Confirmed. This is one of my favorite approaches (i have done it in several GA planes in x-plane stock and payware without a problem.) In MSFS with the navigraph beta injected, the whole approach is interpreted as a bunch of unnamed fixes, like R123 , R166 etc. which is fine but they do not match the real fixes and because they are a bit wider out from the actual fixes, you end up flying where the mountains are higher… I ‘removed’ navigraph and retried and it looks the same… so i guess its all MFS?

So this is something only microsoft can fix?

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yes - it´s can only be fixed by ASOBO/MS, sorry … the Rxxx waypoints are not in our source and will be created by the sim automatically. We don´t have this waypoint in our dataset, nor in the cycles.
You can check the original waypoint sequence, which are included in our updates very good with the TBM930.

Sorry, it´s really a sim issue. We do really our best but there are limits where we can´t do more for you. Hopefully ASOBO/MS will fix this somedays …

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