KSNA RNAV Z not as charted

My OS is Win7 using FSX, the iFl;y 737NG and AIRAC 2112. Descending via the DSNEE5, I received this clearance, “after DSNEE cleared the RNAV Z 20R approach”. The FMS routed direct ZETOV instead of joining the final at EHVOX. That seems incorrect to me as the waypoints are in the database. Just wondering?



OOoops! That didn’t work right. Let’s try this.


please can you check it again because I can´t reproduce it …

I have selected the KSNA RNP 20R-Z approach, the DSNEE transition and see all the correct waypoints in the correct sequence. No shortcut or similar else.


That is what I expected but I was not even offered a transition. Curious! I will fly it again to test and post results. Thanks Richard.

You can directly select the transitions on the Arrivals page, after selecting the approach:

Also, check the version (v. and if you have really installed the current cycle 2112:

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I was unable to reproduce it either. On a retest I was able to select the transition, the waypoints displayed correctly and the FMS flew the magenta line as charted. Perfect!

However, now I’m confused and feeling a bit foolish trying to figure out what happened. ATC changed from the ILS to the RNAV just as I reached DSNEE. In my rush to reprogram, I might have just missed it. But I then flew 2 test flights immediately after to check before I even considered posting here. I must have been doing something incorrectly. All good and marking this solved.

Oh well. I am getting old! Thank you for the great support and wonderful products.

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