Kden rnav (rnp) rwy 16r

Hello there,

I’ve got the latest Navigraph update installed. Flew into KDEN last night via STAR that terminates at an IAF for the RNAV (RNP) Z RWY 16R.

There was no approach course drawn or apparently available, so I had to vector myself to the ILS instead.

Can someone help me understand if this was user error or an issue with the nav database?

I was able to fly the KDCA RNAV (RNP) RWY 19 last week, so not sure why the Denver one wasn’t available.

Thank you!

possible you have forgotten to set the transistion/via in the FMC? There are multiple transistions available which end at HAROS. From there you fly the final approach.

I don’t know which sim, nor addon you are using therefore more or less a general answer to this.

Hope that helps


This was Fenix A320. I tried digging around the MCDU as much as I could. It very likely could be used error.

Thanks, I will check it in the Fenix … keep you inform here.


I have checked the RNAV16R-Z approach now directly in the Fenix and I can normally select the IAFs + the final approach.

Here, the first page of the approach-transitions:

… and here the transitions from our charts:

When, I now select KIPPR then I have following legs:

… and here too, the final approach-part:

Sorry, I can´t see any navdata issue here. All legs are in place and the correct sequence. Possible you have really made something wrong or you have forgotten anything.

Hope that helps,

Fair enough

I will try again today then to replicate the flight over CLFFF.

Thanks much.

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