RNAV sends you to Airport and then back

Have this with a couple of Airports now. No matter if i make the FP in MSFS or Export in from Navigraph.

Why it sends me to LYE first and then fly back to HL225 to begin the APR?

This one was imported From Navigraph, but same result when i plan in MSFS.

i cant delete LYE not in Flightplanner or in the SIM.

This is a limitation of the default flight planning system… you can’t select no approach via/transition when one or more exist. Works okay in A32NX and G1000 NXi.

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the answer from @tracernz is absolutely correct … when you look on the charts you see that two IAF´s (means two possible approach transitions) - one from LYE and one from HL165:

Now, the problem is the MSFS flight planner because as Tracernz wrote, you can´t set any transition (by the way nor any other transition from a SID or STAR) and therefore the sim takes only the first in the list. You can´t change it and in this case the sim has taken the LYE approach transition.

That´s not a navdata issue, this is more a MSFS limitation in the in-game flight management system.

Hope that helps,

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thanks! that helps. cccccc

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