Transition not usable in Navigraph

Some time ago I posted a question about EHAM ARTIP 5B transition not usable in Navigraph.
I received an answer but no solution. And the post was closed.
Today I face a similar problem with an approach transition
ELLX STAR MMD1W , for RNAV 24 Navigraph forces IRTON 2S Transition, for ILS 24 Navigraph forces IRTON 2N transition.
In XPlane FMS Zibo, for each approach 24 RNAV or ILS you have the choice between IRTON 2S or 2N transition. I o not in Navigraph Jeppesen charts that one approach forces one transition.
I can make a mistake but it seems again that Navigraph has a bug with selecting one particular transition amongst several ones offered.
Thanks for support.

No reply from Navigraph support after 10 days?

In your previous topic, Stephen explained:


I can confirm this issue with the approach transitions at EHAM. It seems to be a wider issue with such transitions that are named different from their initial fix

More specifically, as far as I know, the issue happens when an approach has more than one transition starting from the same initial fix.

In the very early days of Charts 7, Charts used to let you select transitions by their database name, rather than the name of the initial fix. At some point (still back in 2019, IIRC), Charts started listing approach transitions by the name of their initial fix instead, and this issue appeared – because there are multiple transitions starting from the same point, and you can only select the point rather than the transition name, Charts can only let you pick and display one of said transitions (and you can’t control which).

, which is fairly uncommon.

That’s very subjective. Back on the old forum, I described the issue in a couple topics and mentioned several airports (including, IIRC, ELLX, LSZH, EDDS and probably others – with multiple examples per airport), but eventually got tired of bumping. I can’t know for sure but I suspect there may easily be at least 25 airports worldwide with multiple transitions this way, perhaps more.

(edit: possibly 62 airports as of cycle 2201)

Unless you include approach transitions with teardrop procedures where the course differ for A/B vs. C/D category aircraft, for example at LIRP:

  • VOR-Y 04L with: PIS1 PIS2
  • NDB 04L with: PIS1 PIS2
  • NDB 04R with: PIS1 PIS2
  • VOR-Y 04R with: PIS1 PIS2

…then you could argue it’s actually fairly common, there’s gotta be too many airports with such approach transitions to count :slight_smile:

(edit: possibly 1009 airports)

We are investigating but due to holidays it might take a while for this to be resolved.





thanks, the problem is exactly as you describe.
I am waiting an answer from Navigraph support team when ( if !) they intend to correct this problem which is not acceptable for a 90€ yearly payware.


Sorry for delay. Your observations seem correct.

We have our Charts resources focussed on the new major Charts offering in development, which will likely cover the issues you have raised. Thank you for your patience.


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