Spaghetti approaches only using navigraph data

Sometimes when I plug in an approach into the computer in the cockpit, I get a crazy looping approach. I noticed if I uninstall Navigraph data, this doesn’t happen. I’m wondering if it might be related to extra data navigraph offers?

Here’s my example. Flying into KLEX from the north. With Navigraph data, I have an option for a transition using GENUS. Which all seems fine. When loading this appr with GENUS, the plane flight computer does a couple of loops and a back and forth between two points. I can’t get it to not do a transition. Of course, trying to modify the waypoints is fruitless.

When I try the same using stock MSFS data, it goes directly to SADDL and brings me right in for my ILS approach.

In the sim with stock data, there’s no option for a transition here. This is why I’m wondering if this additional data is making something go loopy? I tried in the FBW 32nx and the TBM930 with the same results.

Anyway, wondering if this is a known issue and hopefully someone is working on it? This feels like a sim issue, but hoping you might be able to contribute to a solution with Asobo. It’s a shame if the answer is to not use my subscription for the actual sim.


Hi @AuFinger,

Thank you for your post.

When transitioning via GENUS you are required to complete a full approach procedure. In other words, you are not allowed to proceed straight in from GENUS by IFR rules. However, by selecting to not use a transition you should be able to proceed via SADDL without completing the procedure turn.

It could however be that this routing is currently not possible to create for aircraft that use the Microsoft Flight Simulator route planner. For instance, by using Working Title CJ4 that has an own route planner, we can confirm that this is functional and displayed correctly in the FMC as seen on the print screen below.


At this point we can unfortunately not confirm the functionality of the MSFS route planner as it is beyond our control, however their development team has been made aware of this and we are hoping that it will be fixed as soon as possible.

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Thanks, Andy. I assumed it wasn’t a Navigraph problem, but brought it up because it appears to negatively affect your service.

If MSFS would allow an approach without the transition, that would be nice, but the fact it doesn’t probably is related to the FUBAR route with the transition.

It’s good to know Working Titles implementation resolves this. I’m looking forward to the FBW team implementing it on their project.

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