Navigraph Charts Not Displaying All Available Transitions


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I was using Navigraph to do my flight planning and saw an issue pop up while doing so. I was planning a flight from KLBL to KPUB and was looking at planning an approach to KPUB on RNAV 08R. I wanted to choose ASUNE as the transition as it was presented as an initial approach fix which I believed would make it a valid transition. Still, I could not do so in Navigraph Charts and my aircraft, which used the Navigraph Navdata database.

However, when I removed the Navigraph FMS Data from Microsoft Flight Simulator and used the stock NAVBLUE data provided by Asobo for the simulator, I found that the ASUNE transition was available to select just fine and use as a valid transition onto the approach.

I found this quite odd, so I decided I would try in X-Plane 11 and see if the same issue was present as it was in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I tested this using the latest Navigraph AIRAC Cycle available for X-Plane 11 and found that I could select ASUNE as an approach using the Navigraph data.


I’m not sure as to why this is the behaviour as I can’t select ASUNE using Navigraph charts or while using Navigraph Navdata within Microsoft Flight Simulator but can select it using the stock Microsoft Flight Simulator Navdata or within X-Plane 11 using the latest Navigraph Navdata. I would greatly appreciate any clarification regarding why this is the behaviour.

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I did a little more digging and found that Little Navmap has the same issue when using the Navigraph Navdata instead of the built-in MSFS data.

It marks STANO and VIGIL as transitions but does not allow ASUNE to be used as a transition when selecting it. This is using the “Use Navigraph for All Features” option.

When I use the standard MSFS Database instead or the X-Plane Database, I do not have this issue and can select ASUNE as a transition normally.

I’m still unsure why Navigraph charts would not allow me to select ASUNE as a transition, as it is a perfectly valid transition within X-Plane, and I’m still unsure why using Navigraph Data in MSFS would not allow me to select the transition either. It’s been two weeks, so I’m hoping to get a reply, but I can understand if your team is busy! Any help is greatly appreciated!

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This is not an issue on our side, it’s a wrong implementation on the MSFS side, a correct one on XP.

Read here the whole story:

Please let me know, when you have any more questions to this. In the charts, we are only showing the transitions.


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the clarification regarding this issue. I see now that it is an MSFS issue. Has Navigraph been working with Asobo to rectify the issue, or will this be a persistent issue with MSFS that can’t be corrected? I’ve heard of such situations as the weather engine APIs being locked in due to contractual agreements with third parties, leaving me wondering if this would be similar.

No probs … In general, the situation is the same as with Meteoblue, but that has nothing todo with a possible fix.

In the same posting, you find a comment on this question but it reads that they had no interest to fix this.

Here the first statement from WT:

… and here the last (which is more or less clear that they won’t change it), where someone ask if this is fixed with AAU1:

It’s a pity, that WT speaks from “as real as it gets” but they aren’t. The mixed datasets (NavBlue + FAA), they add transitions which are not existing in real, they change runway assigments to terminal procedures to handle mising or changed runways, …

Therefore, most of the common, real 3rd party developer try to avoid to use the MSFS stock data due such issues and also due the missing flexibility and the independency of every MSFS update. It’s hard for all devs because we are all in a passive situation. There is nothing proactive and that makes the sim, specially the IFR part so uncontrolable and difficult, partly impossible for addon designer.

Sorry, in this case, we can’t do anything … But you will see a great Garmin GPS addon in the near future, which are much more better than the stock one (at least on the data quality and on the understanding for real) … :wink:


It’s unfortunate that this is the situation the sim is left in regarding Navdata, as it makes using IFR procedures just that tiny bit more frustrating. Guess it’s best to stick with X-Plane for a more accurate IFR flying experience. Thanks for the great explanation regarding the current situation!

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