Toronto Airspace Map - Limit with Cleveland

Navigraph is an amazing product. I believe I found an error on the Toronto airspace in the Navigraph map. I was flying from Chicago IL to Albany NY and based on the map I entered the Toronto Center airspace. When I called ATC he politely told me: you are not in my airspace, please continue on Unicom." After checking SimAware I noticed I was definitely out of Toronto’s airspace. I suggest to review the limits with the Cleveland airspace. Attached a screenshot of the area in question. Regards !

Hello! Thanks for posting!

What you see in Navigraph Charts is the FIR boundary - not the ATC sectors. ATC can decide to divide their airspace differently based on what makes sense for operations, especially close to borders.

Skyvector and the FAA Sectionals seem to agree with us on where the FIR border should be placed:

Once we integrate online networks in VATSIM/ IVAO Integration - Active ATC with respective frequencies and traffic, you should be able to more easily tell which ATC sector you are in!

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Very interesting. Always something new to learn. Appreciate your response and my apologies I stated it as an error instead of asking. You guys produce just quality work. Thank you for getting back to me right away.

You are welcome! Thanks for reaching out, and thank you for the kind words!

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