Erroneous airspace depicted IPL VOR

Crossing the IPL (Imperial Valley, CA) I received a message that I was near, then entering controlled airspace. The graphic in the GNS 530 showed a circle of airspace surrounding the VOR.

I checked the VFR charts, Foreflight, Skyvector, and Jeppeson charts. None of them showed there being controlled airspace around this VOR. Nor were there any NOTAMS, or other activity. Could this be a mistake in the database?


which sim, which add …without such basics we can´t say anything.

From where do you receive the message - from ATC or from where? Can you post a screenshot please - thank you!


Hi Richard,

My apologies. I’m using X-Plane v.11 (latest patch). I had just updated navdata to the latest cycle, but I do believe I’ve seen this previously. The message I’m referring to is from the SIM GNS 530. It gives me a “Message” indicator, which tells me about approaching airspace. And the airspace circle I mentioned is on the GNS map display.

It will be a day or two before I can get back to the sim and recreate this scenario - will grab and provide a screenshot then. Also please let me know if I’m leaving anything else out.

Thank you!

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X-Plane 11 does not use any airspace information from Navigraph at all.

@PhilippM thanks for your response.

So I did find this post, concerning airspace / XP11:

It indicates there were plans to have it resolved early 2021 (if I’m reading correctly). Does anybody know the status?

Thanks again!

thanks for the additional info … We are really not providing airspaces for XP11 but with upcoming XP12. So this airspace is not a part feom our data as @PhilippM wrote before.


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