Canadian Charts

With the release of US FAA sectional charts a world has opened for sim GA pilots flying in the America’s. However, many users of Navigraph and are Canadian and/or conduct a lot of flying into Canadian skies as well.

Please add Canadian VNC (Visual Navigation Charts) from NavCanada which are the equivalent of the US FAA sectionals. This would open up the North American skies to the Great White North and enable us real-world pilots and students to practice (understanding that these are not to be used for real world navigation) visual navigation and dead reckoning within Canada.

Thanks and keep up the amazing work of building the flight sim community. :slight_smile:


I find the current “VFR” Map basically unusable at points for example, Calgary springbank has many vfr routes and unless you are flying the circuit you will be put on one of these routes, there is no way to see them in navigraph.

As far as I can tell, the Navcanada VNC are neither free nor publicly available (unlike their FAA counterparts)?



Unfortunately you are correct. Canada VNC (and VTA) are not free, you can only them through either through a subscription with ForeFlight, or the paper charts.

That’s not technically correct: You can access them for free from All you need is an account, then just navigate under Documents.

Permission might still be required from nav canada to publish them. Before this can be clarified it would be rather risky for Navigraph to provide them.