Toliss A321 and missed approach at LFLB

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Please, read this thread: DH et LFLB Chambery - Page 2 - Airbus A321 - X-Plane.Org Forum.

Is there something to do on your side?

There is a similar problem at LOWI LOC DME EAST chart 11.1. May be, all small radiuses are affected.

Claude ROULLIER (On the org forum, i am Birdy.dma).

Hi Claude,
please can you summerize your question? Is it the procedure turn, the different codings, …?

Please give us a hint … not only a link to a forum. Thank you

Hi Richard,

The chart used:

The ND during the approach:

Just after the TOGA, the ND is redrawn

The plane do a left turn , but suddenly start the normal right turn.

With the materiel originating from Lufthansa Systems, and we clearly see that the databank is differently coded, since we have CH/02, and this is not what appeared in Navigraph/Jeppesen dataset.

As there is reference to an other provider, and my question is not a pro / cons at all, unless it’s a problem for you, i will continue in private using my mail box.

In short, is there a chance to have a similar code for short turns.

Have a nice WE.


Hello Richard.

May be nothing to do, i can understand. If so, you can close the topic.