Corrupted Navdata

I planned a fight from EGLL to LXGB somehow the FBW MCDU reckoned I would take about 6 hours to do a 3 hour flight. The plan was correct but the waypoints were all over the place with the aircraft doubling back hence the long time. Also there was no runways or approaches for Gibraltar. So closed MS2020, removed the Navdata and went back to MS2020 data and it was fine, the plan was as it should be, the time was good and the approaches were in there.

I closed the sim reloaded your Navdata - it was all screwed up again with waypoints in wrong place and no approach data for Gibraltar so I have gone back to MS2020 data for now.



Hi Doug,
two questions:

  1. Please can you upload a screenshot of this “wrong waypoints”, where we can see a few waypoint-ident examples?
  2. Which Navigraph Navdata Center do you currently use?

Please look on the charts - there are no SIDs. The STARs are missing the ident, only “Arrival” is no less … and the IAPs contains only radar-fixes but no real waypoints as a reference. Due this missing information, these procedures can´t be coded with the standard rules. Possible there are tailored records available but we don´t have it. Sorry.



I will try to get a screenshot tomorrow.

This could be related to the FBW A320 but I am unsure at this stage, I will experiment again tomorrow. Maybe add your navdata and try using the CRJ.

As for LXGB when I clicked arrival I agree no Stars etc as expected but there was no runway data either, it was like the airport did not exist The MS2020 data had both runways in as an RNAV.

I saw this strange behaviour on route back from LIPE to EGLL the other day again using the FBW 320 development version.

I need to try more experiments to see if I can track it down, in basic terms I am not seeing the issue with MS2020 data so am confused.

I will report back.

thanks for writing Richard.



No probs Doug, take your time - let me know, whenever we can help …
Cheers and thanks for the feedback,

Hi Richard,

So as I said I uninstalled the Navigraph navdata from MS2020, set it all up with same flight plan and took screen shots of the plan in the FMC. The plan was drawn fine.

When I reinstalled the Navigraph navadata all was fine so I must assume either FBW 320 was playing around or the data had got corrupted.

However there is no runway data for LXGB unlike the MS2020 version.

Hi Doug,
I have tested this with the lastest FBW A320 developer version (and also with the stock TBM) and I can confirm it. It looks like, when an airport has no terminal procedures (at least no STARs or approaches) you don´t see the runways either. This seems to be a bug somewhere, why?

Try to add LXGB as destination airport and go onto the DEPARTURE page. You see both runway. When you do the same as arrival, you don´t see the runways. So the runways are there but they will not be shown due a unknown reason (I assume a bug because the same happens in the stock TBM):

Here, I have created LXGB/LXGB - the departure page shows the runways:

… the arrival page not:

But now, when you´re using the WT CJ4, you see the runways also on the arrival page. Using in all screenshots our cycle AIRAC 2202 rev.3:


So in other words, this is not a navdata issue. I have looked into our data and we don´t offer any runway information because LXGB is included in the MSFS stock sim. We offer only four com-frequencies and three waypoints … no ILS, no SIDs, no STARs nor approaches. So the FMC should at least shown you the runway-idents but that´s only in the CJ4 the case - conclusion: bug in the stock aircrafts and also in the FBW :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard,

Thanks for that, it is strange behaviour but at least the route data works ok now. I am back with the Navigraph navdata in the sim.

All the best


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