Rnav lfml 31r

I noticed that the visual arrival procedures at LFML were missing the RNAV approach from the northeast via VENTA, ARBOI, TUNEL, COCAC, AUTOR, this is frequently used by planes arriving at LFML. You will find the chart in the photo. Would it be possible to add it?

Capture d'écran 2024-05-07 162450

I have looked into the AIP France and haven´t found any such chart …

Only this one, and this one have we also in our charts - but not in the data because there are no data included:

This chart is “runway unspecific” and you find only the instructions in the text below.

Your screenshot from Lido - may I ask, to post the complete chart that we see the reference date of these chart?


Looks very strange, no header, no effective date, no chart number, nothing … Very strange - strange but anyways, the AIP doesn’t shown more and therefore we can’t offer more, sorry.


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