Missing data between EGKK and EBBR

FYI, not sure if this is the best place to post but I ran into two issues on a flight between EGKK and EBBR today:

  • Gatwick (EGKK) departure on RWY 26L was missing the ADMAG departure, I used the MIMFO 1M instead which appeared to be similar
  • ILS into RWY 1 for Brussels (EBBR) tuned a LOC that had me going on a reverse track from RWY 01 away from the airport (it tuned 110.something, I think 110.15 but didn’t write it down), I tuned the LOC IBX frequency from the “RWY 01 ILS OR LOC RWY” plate (109.9) and got path but the Working Title CJ4 I was flying wouldn’t acquire the G/S, that issue might be a WT auto-pilot bug