Missing data between EGKK and EBBR

FYI, not sure if this is the best place to post but I ran into two issues on a flight between EGKK and EBBR today:

  • Gatwick (EGKK) departure on RWY 26L was missing the ADMAG departure, I used the MIMFO 1M instead which appeared to be similar
  • ILS into RWY 1 for Brussels (EBBR) tuned a LOC that had me going on a reverse track from RWY 01 away from the airport (it tuned 110.something, I think 110.15 but didn’t write it down), I tuned the LOC IBX frequency from the “RWY 01 ILS OR LOC RWY” plate (109.9) and got path but the Working Title CJ4 I was flying wouldn’t acquire the G/S, that issue might be a WT auto-pilot bug

I encountered the same issue flying into EBBR ILS RWY 1 on FlyByWire’s Airbus 320NX. Checked the RadNav, the ILS freq was ok but the course was 193 which led me to the opposite direction from the runway.

Hi guys,
one question (or more a request from my side):
Can someone test this with the default stock navdata (means remove our dataset)? I have checked the data now and I can´t see any issue here therefore I´m curious if this work with the stock data on the same flight.
Thank you,


So I uninstalled the Beta navdata and used default stock from MSFS and tried landing at Brussels (EBBR) again. Still encountered the same issue. Flight plan arrival was set to ILS RWY 1 but LOC tuned in to IBM 111.15 CRS 193 and turned my plane away from the airport. I guess this is originally an MSFS 2020 issue then.

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thank you very, very much for testing this. I´m sorry, but I have feared that. Such situations are normally a logic issue with interpreting the data but no navdata issue (if frequency, course and loc-ident are correct in the data - of course).

Sorry guys - but it looks like, it´s really a sim issue.
Thanks again for testing Joseph - much appreciated …

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That’s too bad. I was hoping Navdata Beta would save the day. :slight_smile:
Thanks for looking into this and for the clarification.

I know Joseph, I know and we do what we can, when we see any chance for a workaround but in this special cases (also with the misaligned ILSs) we can´t do nothing - sit and wait, till it´s fixed :slight_smile:

Take care and stay healthy

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