Time vector


To follow up on a previous message posted on an already opened topic, I’m starting a new discussion here regarding my request.

SDVFR, ForeFlight, or LittleNavMap have a real-time vector time feature that adjusts with the aircraft’s speed. Graduated in intervals of 2 or 5 (or as preferred), this would allow us to precisely predict our position in x minutes based on our speed and the wind (relying on groundspeed?). Very useful for VFR flying.
However, it’s not as suitable for IFR. It would be necessary to be able to activate/deactivate this function as needed.

Furthermore, as seen in the photo, it’s possible to display 2D terrain on the aircraft’s track in SDVFR. Is this implementable in Navigraph ?

Lastly, would it be possible to integrate VAC charts for aerodromes?


Hi! Thanks for creating this topic!

This forum category is meant to help us gauge the interest in different features based on votes by the community. Feel free to vote for this topic to bring it up the list!

Please stick to one feature request per topic. Would the below, existing topic cover your first use case?

Feel free to create another topic for VAC charts. We have mentioned before that we have no current plans to add them but that we could do it sometime in the future! That does not stop anyone from creating a topic and collecting votes for it though :wink:

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