Sync SID/STAR from Web to Desktop?

Hello! I like to create a flight plan in Simbrief and then export it to charts on the web to select my departures and arrivals. If I select my SID/STAR/Approach in Charts (web), should those selections sync with the desktop app? I currently have to import the flight plan and choose the SIDS/STARS again on desktop when I’m ready to fly.

Is there something that I need to do differently?

Hi @Pathfinder17,

There is currently no auto-synchronization between Web and Desktop so the flight list needs to be reloaded for the flight that you created in Web to turn up there. We will add a refresh button in a future release. A workaround in the meantime is to toggle the sorting order of the flights, which will reload the list. You can do this by either pressing the ascending/descending button twice or switching between sorting by name and date. This will refresh the flight list, and the flight you created in the web version of Charts will appear.

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Thanks for the detailed response! Keep up the great work.

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