Switching to MSFS. Where is my NAVDATA?

Hello guys
I am switching to MSFS from P3D. Within P3D I used Navigraph for a lot of programs. Now I just installed the Navigraph Navdata Center and I think everything went okay. Really simple but totally different than what I used to.

Now I am trying to update my EFB but i cannot find the AIRAC anywhere. Where is the Navdata center putting the AIRACS for my EFB?

greetings Ronald

Hi Ronald,
here from our homepage:

The Navigraph Navdata Center is ONLY for MSFS products. That means, you need the FMS Data Manager for all other sims and tools. I don´t know what you mean with EFB, but when you mean the AivlaSoft EFB, or the AviTab EFB, or the EFB in the PMDG than you must use the FMS Data Manager.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the quick reply.
I use AivlaSoft EFB. Lovely program!

Regards Ronald

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