MSFS Navdata not showing in AivlaSoft EFB

I have update MSFS using the beta installer and it showing as installed on the installed screen, however I have installed Avlasofts EFB and the EFB database which is built from the simulator is saying its 1802/R1, can you please advise?.

Hello Richard! Welcome to the new forum.

If I recall correctly AivlaSoft EFB builds certain assets using the scenery from the simulator, but the navigation data.

To update the AIRAC you need to grab our FMS Data Manager and add the AivlaSoft EFB as an addon, then update its data using the interface.

Another option would be to download the data manually from your Navigraph account pages. You can find the manual downloads under Downloads > FMS Data > FMS Data Manual Installation

Please advise should you need further assistance and I’ll be happy to help!


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Hi Malte.

Thank you for the info, much appreciated and sorted .


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