Summarised Loadsheet


The new simbrief looks great! The only thing I need pre-flight which I still need to go fetch in the generated OFP is the taxi fuel (for takeoff perf calc) and the altn+final res fuel (for the fmc).
Any chance these could be added to the summarised loadsheet?

Visually it wouldn’t look great I imagine having just that with an extra column. A solution could be to move pax count & cargo weight into the flight plan summary and drop the nav log and wind component (already given by avg wind?)…

Also, the recent updates to both Simbrief and charts are really amazing!

Hi, thanks for the feedback! I guess every user will have their own specific information they need for the flight, depending on their specific add-on/aircraft/workflow. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to include everything on the briefing page. :wink:

But user feedback is appreciated since it enables us to tune what is and isn’t included, so we’ll certainly take a look.

Perhaps, though it should be noted that average wind and wind component is not the same. The average wind might be a crosswind at 100kts, resulting in a wind component (headwind/tailwind) of 0 kts. Different FMCs accept one format or the other, so both are needed really.

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Yeap totally understand, my feedback is definetly only related to the 737. Potentially then an even bigger project would be to have specific pages for specific aircraft. For exmaple with the avg wind vs wind component, every user is likely to need either one or the other, but not both.

That’s probably a scary amount of work though haha

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: