Specify altitude blocks, and other features for easier planing

I’ve really been enjoying the latest version. The ability to specify a minimum block fuel is a long asked for feature. and tankering fuel has been particularly useful for me. Its great to finally have those. As I have been using simbrief since the update; ive come across a few ways i think it could make things easier for everyone.

Specify altitude limits and block
Currently we can leave the altitude selection in auto, or specify an altitude. It would be nice if we can specify a minimum and maximum cruise altitude to. that way simbrief will plan below the maximum and above the minimum. This would be particularly useful for shorter routes where simbrief often plans a altitude thats to high.

estimated fuel based on current entries
This is a planing feature i would personally like. If we could press a button and have simbrief run the calculations without actually generating the OFP. That way we can see what altitude, fuel, and weights it thinks would use if it actually generated the OFP. we could then make changes to the various entries to fine tune things without having to go back and generate another OFP like we currently do

runway and wind component view
Currently in the optional entries we can see things like Weather, forecast, NOTAMS and ATIS. It also shows FLT category and field elevation. I request it also show the runways with their current wind components the way the charts app does. that would make runway selection a lot easier.

SIGMET/AIRMET weather overlay
I would like to see the ability to see current SIGMETS and AIRMETS with the other weather overlays on the map

Save weather options
I would also like to be able to save the weather overlays so that they automatically appear.

Altitudes, aircraft type, and route type on the suggested routes
We can currently see suggested routes from real world, VATSIM and previous users. Often these route have altitudes to. They may also have aircraft type restrictions, and a route type. we can actually see these if using the route search in the weather and NOTAMs section. I would like it if the these things were also visible in the suggested route section on the preflight page. at least when its expanded to show more than the top 5

Simbrief has got to be the best service ever made for flight simming. I really appreciate everything yall do to make it work. I would greatly appreciate considering adding these options.

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Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I can’t promise they will all be added soon, but at least some of them might be added in the next update.

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thank you for the consideration. Looking forward to the next update.

Hi, I have just released version 2.19.0 which incorporates the following requests:

  • Estimated fuel based on current entries: See Comparing Flight Options in the user guide for more info.
  • Runway and wind component view: Airport weather pop-ups on the Flight Options page can now also show the runways and wind components.
  • SIGMET/AIRMET weather overlay: SIGMETs have been added to the interactive map, AIRMETs are not yet available however.

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