Loadsheet Generator request

Hi, i would like to make a simbrief feature request. I want to suggest loadsheet generation whereby we can simulate loadsheet generation in addition to flight plan generation in orfer to make the simming abit realistic. This can be done with an integration into simbrief whereby we simulate all loads to get the weight and balances for the flight on all aircraft models. Thanks

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Hello, thanks for reaching out, we have sent your request into the dev team.

I also love to see that! IRL load sheet with final figures is the most important part and all calculations must be done based on that, not OFP. I tried to write a programme for that however I must confess calculating MACs and indexes requires a lot of effort and data.

Multiplied by the number of different addons and configurations there exist for all simulators. simBrief doesn’t necessarily have access to more data than you do, except maybe for a few select aircraft types.



Wow, I was looking for something like this too! Since I couldn’t find anything, I started creating a web-based application for generating loadsheets based on airline, registration, and aircraft instructions. The groundwork is laid down and it works as expected. Now, I’m trying to build or gather a database for this function. While searching for APIs, I found this request. I want to continue developing my application and hopefully be able to sell this feature to Navigraph to generate loadsheets in addition to the OFP.

I also work as a loader at BRU airport and have some friends who are loadmasters. Their input has been invaluable in developing this app, making the process a bit easier.

The reason I want to monetize this app is to raise funds for my IRL ATPL license. That’s all I need :grin:

Wish me luck!

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I want to give an update about the progress of my application. It’s been quite a journey collecting data, figuring out app logic, and developing algorithms. Initially, I considered using APIs to ease development, but I couldn’t find anything useful. So, I decided to put together databases containing aircraft data, cabin layouts, and airlines. I encountered some difficulties with CG calculations (math is not my strongest subject), but instead of giving up, I kept going…

the flight details tab

In this tab, you can input details about the flight such as DEP/DEST, times, dates, airline, aircraft, and airframe details. This information will be displayed at the top of your loadsheet and load instructions.

PAX tab

In this tab, you can specify the number of passengers per class.

weight tab

In this section, you fill in the figures you receive from SimBrief to calculate and generate a loadsheet based on your input.

Final Output

You will soon be able to choose between an IATA standard loadsheet or an ACARS message. I’m working on a feature to send this information (ACARS message) to your aircraft using HOPPIE ACARS connectivity. Additionally, there is an option for U.S. users to input and output in lbs.

An additional tab for Fuel Details will be included to populate fuel information.

The app logic is done. The next steps involve adding more aircraft variants to the database, as the tested aircraft currently include only the B738 and the A320 CEO variant. The last thing I’ll be working on is the output layout to ensure it is based on the real loadsheet I receive from my friends who are loadmasters at work.

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I happen to be quite experienced in making loadsheet generators and loadplanners (being a Boeing and Airbus weight and balance specialist) and this particular type of math is my strong side. If you need any help going over the data/logic, I am more than willing to help

Owh! yes please! is discord a good place for us to have a talk?

if so here is my discord add me and let’s have talk! gucciprincethe1st#1821

if you prefer to have a chat somewhere else let me know