Loadsheet Generator request

Hi, i would like to make a simbrief feature request. I want to suggest loadsheet generation whereby we can simulate loadsheet generation in addition to flight plan generation in orfer to make the simming abit realistic. This can be done with an integration into simbrief whereby we simulate all loads to get the weight and balances for the flight on all aircraft models. Thanks

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Hello, thanks for reaching out, we have sent your request into the dev team.

I also love to see that! IRL load sheet with final figures is the most important part and all calculations must be done based on that, not OFP. I tried to write a programme for that however I must confess calculating MACs and indexes requires a lot of effort and data.

Multiplied by the number of different addons and configurations there exist for all simulators. simBrief doesn’t necessarily have access to more data than you do, except maybe for a few select aircraft types.