Briefing Preview

I have a question on flight planning but first, well done with the new Simbrief interface.

When generating a flight, one of the elements in the Briefing Preview is AVG WIND. In addition to including it in the FMS PERF INIT (PMDG B737-800),I find this information to be very helpful in fuel planning. I have done many flights and have measured the Simbrief fuel estimates accuracy. They are very accurate with EXTRΑ FUEL = 0 except when the flight is expected to encounter medium to strong head winds. EXTRA FUEL is a good way of mitigating this risk. The route and weather are known when planning the flight so AVG WIND should be available at this point. I just want to avoid creating unnecessary dispatch entries to find out the AVG WIND so that I can go back to edit the flight plan and update EXTRA FUEL, and then generate a second dispatch entry. Please let me know if AVG WIND is available prior to “Generate Flight”.


Hi, currently with the way the system works, it needs to generate the flight plan to calculate the average wind. Previewing fuel/time/wind values may come one day, but likely not soon.

You could get a rough idea of the winds, however, by showing winds on the interactive map before generating:

Guidance on how to read the wind symbols can be found here: AWC - Winds/Temps Data

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