SU12 changed scenery order priority

could it be that with the changed scenery ordering implementation in SU 12 the changes made to the Content.xml made by the Navdata Center are no longer ideal?
While the fs-base-* entries are locked in lowest priority, it is now possible to set a priority below (above in the list) the marketplace sceneries (which now all have priority -100 with Community sceneries having priority 0), which I assume the navigraph-navdata-base should go?

lower priority == higher in the list == will be overridden by higher priority content

I set it up ingame like this

and the sceneries I tried seem to work nicely.

From those settings the game saved the Content.xml as

	<Package name="navigraph-navdata" priority="1"/>
	<Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" priority="-101"/>

But not sure if that is the best setting overall, just FYI that the mechanics have changed with SU12.


Hi Jan,
have you updated the Navigraph Navdata Center too, to the latest release 13?


No, it’s still 1.0.12.
Should there be an automatic update? Started and closed it multiple times (normal user and admin) and no update is triggered.
Edit: Download on the website is also still “Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0.12.exe”

Hi Jan,
the automatic process in the background failed, therefore the auto-update of your Navigraph Navdata Center also doesn’t start, sorry

We have build a new version, which is SU12 compatible, and which should solve all the numberings.

Again, as soon as the new version compiles successfully, you should receive the update notification - you can expect the update very soon. Sorry for the delay.



Hi @JKTech,

Sorry for the delay. As Richard mentioned we had some unexpected problems with our release pipeline. Version 1.0.13 of NNC is out now and your current version should auto-update within minutes. If that for some reason would not happen the latest version is also downloadable from

Version v.1.0.13 will do it’s best to heal your Content.XML file to restore order to your package entries :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


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Are you going to be able to install this package without the “content.xml”, as currently you may be the only developer using this file any more. It’s not needed for any of my other addons, for instance.

No, and this is also not correct and I will give you and example (none navdata):

You have two, equal 3rd party sceneries from different vendors/designer installed. How should the sim knows now, which of the 3rd party packages should be loaded in which order? And that makes the content.xml file. In this file, you can manually set the package loading order, so the sim loads the packages exactly in this order.

The same is now for the navdata. You have default navdata installed (from ASOBO) and you want to install our packages too. Without the priority you have no chance to “overwrite” the in-game navdata and what is more important, you have no chance to say the sim, that the navdata package will be loaded at the end that all sceneries (incl. 3rd party sceneries) can use it properly.

Last, in that moment, when you use the ingame re-ordering tool, the sim creates this content.xml file and that´s due the reasons above. The sim needs such “helper” to know, which packages will be loaded when. Without it, you have only the possibility with ie. filenames as in the past, where the user have renamed the packages - but this solution is not good and ASOBO offers this good solution.

Hope that makes something clearer,

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Yes, that makes sense. Thanks!

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Let us know, whenever you have a question to this topic (ok also to other topics) :wink:

Have a nice day,

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