Duplicate RWY issue


I recently purchased add-on scenery for FSIA but I’m experiencing duplicate RWYs. When I remove Navigraph, the problem is resolved.

I’ve tried the trouble shooting suggested in other threads but that doesn’t fix issue. I did notice that in my Context EXE, only Navigraph is listed, no other airports.



Have you have bought it via Marketplace or an other external webshop?

When via Marketplace, I’m afraid we had no chance due the new priority logic in the content file. You can’t prioritize Marketplace sceneries, they all we be loaded in alphabetical order. You have no chance to re-order it, sorry.

When you have it bought via an external webshop, we can re-order it. Therefore its highly recommended to buy 3rd party sceneries externally and not directly from the MSFS via marketplace. You are more flexible then.



I purchased from https://flightsim.to/

The scenery is in my community folder.


thanks … than you must set your FSIA scenery to the correct priority:

It´s very simple:
Close your sim and add your package in your content.xml file, like:

<Package name="flydata-fsia-Airport1.24.5.2" priority="5"/>

You can use any priority number - the Navigraph Navdata Center, which is running in background on your machine, re-order it automatically that your scenery gets the correct priority-number.

As a rule of thumb:
The priority number, must be lower than the fs-base-nav and lower than the navigraph-navdata package, so somewhere between.

I have downloaded the freeware FSIA scenery and have added the package. My content.xml file looks now like:

  <Package name="fs-base-nav" priority="1"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" priority="2"/>
  <Package name="flightbeam-airport-nzaa-auckland" priority="3"/>
  <Package name="flytampa-lasvegas-airport" priority="4"/>
  <Package name="flydata-fsia-Airport1.24.5.2" priority="5"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata" priority="6"/>

… and here it is, no double runways any longer:

Again, this works ONLY!! with sceneries which are not from the marketplace because the marketplace sceneries will be loaded automatically in the alphabetical order. So this sceneries can´t be prioritized - that´s per design of the MSFS and has nothing todo with us. Sorry.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for doing that. My add-on is payware.

As I mentioned, I have other add-on airports installed and this is the only one I’m having issues with.

Also, besides Navigraph, my content exe is empty. Should I be manually adding my other add-on airports to the content exe? If so, how do I know what to them? i.e. “”


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

Not sure if it worked.

Here is my current content exe

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> [Content.xml|attachment](upload://apyCwoUZVFN6lNNZLTmWaI3fVzC.xml) (234 Bytes)

the reason in this case is, FSIA is not included in the MSFS stock scenery and we add this airport in the default data (only the runway). When you now add a 3rd party scenery for FSIA, you have two equal airports one from us, one from the 3rd party scenery and therefore you need the prioritization in the content-file.

Normally, you don´t need to add all sceneries but in this case, you need it … due the missing stock airport in the MSFS.

Add the line in your content.xml file, restart the sim and try it again. It could be, that you must re-start the sim again, that MSFS recognize the changes, but that depends on your system. It must work …


Thanks but how do I know what to name it?

Do I just name it whatever the file is called in the community folder?

Ah sorry, the package-name = the folder name in your community-folder.


Cool. Thanks. I’ll try that!

That fixed it. Thank you for teaching me that. Have a good day.

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Wonderful … glad that is solved!

Happy flying and a nice weekend!


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