SU10 and new context.xml

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short question: does the new priorisation system in the context.xml (SU10) change something regarding the MSFS Navigraph data?

I’m asking cause I had the impression that some ILS was offset after SU10. Could also be a one timer (random shit). But I wonder, if the Navigraph data is still ‘on top of everything’ (loaded last). The context.xml itself wasn’t touched with the update. Is it still working like before or do we have to use the priorisation now?
(Also I’m just interested.)

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When you use the latest version of the Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.12, you shouldn´t do anything because the NNC does it all for you and re-prioritizes all in the correct way in the background (when NNC is still working in the tray/background). The old content file is obsolete and will not be used any longer from the current version. The NNC updates the content file automatically during the first start (if necessary).

So in other words, check if you have installed the latest version of the Navigraph Navdata Center (it´s v1.0.12) - you should have received a notification, that a new update is available.

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Thanks, Richard.

So NNC has to run in the background all the time (the MSFS is running)? Or is it done by launching it one time and keep it closed after that?

Second question: do I understand it correctly that the content.xml is not used at all anymore?

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When you “close” the NNC window with the X, the NNC still runs in the background in your tray

The “Quit” would close the application completely. In the “Launch Options” you can set if the NNC will be started automatically in the background when the computer starts. This is the default case and also the recommended one. When the NNC runs, and you add a package via the re-order tool in the sim, the NNC re-prioritizes the packages automatically so that the navdata package is always on “top” (means with the highest priority-number).

You would loose these feature, if you “Quit” the application and/or you don´t let the PC start it during the startup phase. So, it´s highly recommended to leave as is. The app itself needs only a few kB memory and has no performance impact on the sim or other application.

Correct - under normal conditions you don´t need this file. I see this now more for developers rather than for end-user.

The only “negative” effect is, that you can´t enable/disable a package any longer as in the past with the “active”-attribut because this attribut doesn´t exist any longer in the new content-file. So, when you want to disable a package, you should do this directly in the sim in the content-manager, or move it out of your community folder. It is a pity they took that out but on the other hand, it´s a clear “message” to the end-user not to hack this file manually :slight_smile:


Thanks again, Richard.

I may know what the ‘problem’ is. I use the Addon-Linker - to activate only the scenery I need for a flight. This is independent of the Navigraph data, since it is not managed by Addon Linker (and is always active in the community folder).

But: as I can see it so far, the MSFS priority system is always checking what scenery is present (in the community folder) at the start of MSFS. When activating a specific scenery via Addon Linker (prior to MSFS launch), the internal priorisation always sets the ‘new’ scenery down to the bottom. (and therefore may be with a later prioritiy than scenery which is always active, like Navigraph or for example Simple Traffic by Aerosoft). This could make some problems, I guess.

I’ll do some further tests to check, if it is correct what I just said.

This would underline your suggestion to always keep NNC active (in the background).

Hm, the internal system doesn´t need the content-file any longer … add the AddonLinker the scenery-packages to the content-file? That makes no sense and is also not correct.

The “rule of thumb” of this new system is:

  1. Load all packages from the community-folder in the alphabetical order
  2. after #1 look if a content file exist and load all packages in this content file in the priority-order

So, it doesn´t need to add any package in the community folder (to be more specific, the correct order of all possibilities: TiedToExe => Mandatory => Local => Official => Community => Edition), excluding you want that one package “overwrite” another package.

I´m not sure, if I have understood you correctly because I don´t use the AddonLinker … but again, the content-file should be used ONLY to prioritize the packages, if one package (or part of it) should be overwritten by another package.

Means, all packages from these folders in these order: TiedToExe => Mandatory => Local => Official => Community => Edition will be loaded automatically during the sim launch and AFTER that, the packages from the content file (if someone exists) will be loaded. In the content-file the navdata package has the highest priority - that means, it will be loaded EVER at the end.


Just for clarification: The Addon Linker does not manipulate the content.xml. It’s just a system allowing you to keep your scenery anywhere (on any harddrive) and sets some folder-links into the community folder (for the scenery you want to be active on your specific flight).

But with your further explanations (and having updated the NNC > I now see the new content.xml) I may understand the system a bit better. I think it should be ok, if sceneries like Navigraph data and Simple Traffic have their priority set to 0 in the content.xml and the rest should work like before.

Edit: I did now set Simple Traffic to 0 and Navigraph to 1 (to be sure to load Navigraph last).

You don´t need this - because the NNC set our packages every time on the correct position, with the correct priority - that´s the great new feature of the NNC version now :slight_smile:

I have drawn a little flow-diagram, to make the process more transparent how the sim loads which package in which order:

MSFS SU10 on - Package loading order.pdf (103.0 KB)


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Thank you. Yes, that’s what I understood (great diagram).

You know, I’m a Nerd, and I like to understand things and take it in my own hands. :wink:
That helped me many times to prevent automatisms from doing stupid things (just to mention the exe.xml which is a mudhole of stupid things happening).

I already realized what the up to date NNC is doing. And think that’s the best way to do it. I’m eager to see what happens, when other devs are going to use the prio system and the ‘war on prioritizing my own product’ begins. :smile:

Best wishes

Just as an information: priority 0 and 1 didn’t work out (like I tried as a first test). If you would like to have several sceneries prioritized, you need to start with 1 as number. In my case, I want Simple Traffic to be loaded late too. So Simple Traffic 1 and Navigraph 2 is working perfectly (>Navigraph will be loaded last of course).

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