How to get scenery higher prio as Navigraph


Question, i’ve a custom navaid and waypoint file for MSFS.

To get it to work i need it the place above the Navigraph data. I can do this via the dev-menu and scenery-library and change the order (PACKAGE REORDER TOOL).

This works, however on every update of navigraph this is changed back…

Is there a way to make/specify a folder which always has priority over Navigraph data?


Hi Marcel,
no, there is currently no possibility to “protect” a own package for the automatic re-ordering. But I like your idea, to define a protected folder, which will not be touched on the automatic re-order process.

I will do some tests with this idea … sorry for now, but you can be sure that we will think about it, how we can handle this in the future.

Thank you very much for this valueable input abd the excellent idea. I will inform you here, how we proceed with this idea.


Whoo! Thank for the quick reply and possible solution! :slight_smile:

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No probs, I think we need such a solution but we need to discuss this how we implement/offer such a solution.

Thanks for this really good input …

News will be announced here! :wink: