MSFS SU10 & Navigraph Priority in Content Folder

Good day. After MSFS SU10, the Content.xml contains the following:
Package priority 1 fs-base-nav
Package priority 2 navigraph-navdata-base
Package priority 3 navigraph-navdata

Is this telling me that Navigraph is not taking priority? These are the only entries I have in Content.xml. Is this the correct order?


Peter Webber.

Hi Peter,
yes this is the correct ordering …

I´m with you it looks a little bit strange and confusing but “priority” in this case means, in which order the packages will be loaded, comparing like in the previous version with the line.

“Translated” means the new system:
Prio 1 = lowest priority - this package will be loaded first
Prio x = highest priority - this package will be loaded as last and “overwrite/overrule” possible packages which are loaded before

Hope that helps and makes something “clearer” - this new system is WIP and I´m pretty sure, that ASOBO will improve this feature (which is a good and better one in my eyes) in the near future.


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Thanks for the reply. Makes sense now. Regards.

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