Still no STARs after installing FSDT KORD scenery

Purchasing and installing the FSDT KORD did not resolve the issue.

please can you confirm, that you´re running the Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.7 in the background or that you have started our tool AFTER you have installed the FSDT KORD scenery.

It´s highly recommended, that you let the little app still running (set it to launch it via startup).

I know, that the FSDT KORD is working excellent … so, it´s any issue in your content-file. Again, first close the sim and take a look, if you have installed the latest Navigraph Navdata Center version (currently 1.0.7). After that, start the Navigraph Navdata Center, check if you have installed the latest AIRAC cycle and when yes, close it.

Start the sim and try it again … you will see, you can select the STARs.

Here from my machine, FSDT KORD installed - AIRAC 2203 installed:


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