No sid or stars at kord

Before reisntall of sim my sid and stars were working fine but after install my side and stars went away. I tried to edit the content.xml but it did not work and for some reason a file called builder log error was created and just said Could not open file. FYI I do have the fsdreamteam scenery

nevermind I moved the navigraph-navdata to the very bottom of the content.xml and it worked. I wish installing this amazing product was as easy on xplane. I also just realized that the builderlog error came back. Maybe the nav data is working because its not loading navi. Is there anyway to check what navdata is loaded

please DON’T edit the content.xml file. Our installer places the navdata packages always in the correct location and will disable the default stock navdata.

It is very, very important that you use only installer for an AIRAC update (or removing) and no manual editing to avoid strange behaviors. You´re solution is unsupported and we can´t guarantee that all is working as expected with the navdata update.

I would HIGHLY recommend to follow these steps:

When you have done it, exactly in this way, the installation is correct and you can expect a correct working update. Also, be sure that you have the latest FSDT KORD package installed which fixed the missing runway.

There was a old posting with exact your issue - do the steps above and you´re fine please.


I have tried your steps and it did not work. I still get the buildererrorlog.txt and Kord still has no approaches also i still have the builderlogerror file

What is the buildererrorlog.txt? From where is this file?

Its in the sim folder right above content.xml it has could not open file in it

Im so mad because im using the same community folder layout from before reinstall and now its not working which makes no since. The buildererror log.txt went away after I removed all my stuff from my community folder except navigraph

But who creates this file and what should we do with this file?

Our navdata package is located in the community folder and no one else.

  • What sim-version do you have? (Marketplace, Steam)
  • Where is your Navigraph Installer located? And do you use the latest one (beta 23)?
  • Can you upload your content.xml file please?
  • Do you use any addon-linker?

Please answer these question, that we have an overview of your system.

Thank you

1.14.16 marketplace
Content.xml (5.4 KB)
Navigraph installer is located in a folder outside of the sim on my c drive: AppData\Local\Programs\Navigraph\Navigraph.exe
I do not use add on linker
beta 23 of navigraph

My friend had the same issue as me with his sim.

Thanks, try following please:
Open your content.xml file with a simple editor and set the active-attribute in the last line “… ASOBO KORD …” to FALSE

You have a scenery issue and not a navdata issue. You load two KORD packages and the ASOBO KORD package overwrite the FSD KORD package.


tried this did not work

What worked for me for every 3rd-party airport so far and is causing me the least trouble is

  1. Let Navigraph create its content.xml entries and don’t touch the stock or navigraph entries.
  2. Move addon airport entries (and only those) directly after fs-base.
    The xml should something like that:
  • … default entries …
  • <Package name=“fs-base” active=“true”/>
  • → All addon airports here ←
  • … default entries …
  • <Package name=“fs-base-nav” active=“false”/>
  • <Package name=“navigraph-navdata” active=“true”/>
  • … default entries …
    (only exception being addon airports that are missing completely in stock MSFS like EDDS, those might need to go after navigraph-navdata)

In your case you should also delete the Deluxe edition KORD directly from the ingame content manager.

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After I did this i got builderlogerror but this could be related to stuff I have in my community folder

Hi again Akil,
have you solved your issue with @JKTech instructions?

Copy&paste the entry (yellow marked line) somewhere between the lines “fs-base” and “navigraph-navdata” (blue underlined lines)

After that, you should see all STARs and IAPs (SIDs are not available because KORD uses vector SIDs only).

The reason for this manual process is, because the FSDT KORD scenery has added the 09C/27C runway, which doesn´t exist in the default stock data. Therefore you must place this scenery-line ABOVE the “navigraph-navdata” package.

Please let us know, if this helps that we can close this topic.
Thank you,

Yes this did work. I think it’s a bit stupid now asobo handeles data and it’s a huge hassle to make it work.

You’re right … The whole scenery process is designed very bad, because there are no priorities, excluding manual sorting in a MSFS file. Not very userfriendly and also for us, very heavy to support, to find out what and where the problem is.

Hopefully, this will be fixed someadays.
Thanks for the feedback Akil!

Take care

Have you guys told asobo about your issues?

Yes, of course - we report all issue, which we identified to ASOBO.

In this case, it´s not our issue, this is more a design question in the scenery file. It works (as you see) but the handling and the usability is not very well - so it´s not really an “issue” - it´s more a “wish/request” to add some possibility to prioritize something in this file.


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