Sticking mouse when panel open

I’m having a few issues with the in-game panel (which is a great addition especially for those of us who use VR). The issues I have are when the panel is open the mouse is difficult to control in the plane and keeps sticking. It’s like in the old days with a ball mouse that needed cleaning (I’m old enough to remember!). I’ve found if I open the navigraph panel keyboard even if I don’t type anything or close the panel completely the issue goes away.

I also have the issue someone else reported of being unable to pan, zoom or click on pinned charts intermittently. Again opening the panel keyboard temporarily fixes it. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the in-game panel but that hasn’t fixed the issues for me.

Oh and a minor observation, is some of my pinned charts that I’ve added in the iPad app, don’t appear when I start the in-game panel. It’s not a big deal as I can simply re-add them but thought I’d mention it. It’s usually the aerodrome charts that are missing.

Any ideas?