MSFS In-Game Panel Clipboard

Just wondering if there is anyway to prevent losing the pinned charts in the clipboard when minimizing the In-Game Panel? It is a pain to re-pin them every time I maximize the charts panel.

That shouldn’t happen really, as the pinned charts are stored with the flight on our server.

Does the flight itself load? Or if you go to Flights and load the flight, do the pinned charts show up again?



it happens every time for me too… Each time I open the panel it is like I shut down charts completely and need to start over and select flight. This makes the in-game panel a bit frustrating to use. Am i doing something wrong? It “restarts” when i both minimize and close the in game panel.

I’m not so sure anymore. Last night when I tried (my first time using the software), it loaded a flight from Simbrief, and this seemed to load in again automatically after re-opening tab. However, none of the pinned charts were in the clipboard. However, this morning when I flew, it worked as expected. I’m not so sure, but will play around some more. I didn’t do anything different between last night and this morning as far as I know.