Keyboard / Mouse Inputs Locked

Referencing this topic - I appear to be experiencing similar/the same issues as noted here using the new panel.

The panel appears to grab keyboard/mouse input at some point after it is hidden using the keybind.

This is something in inadvertently discovered as I don’t generally use the search/other text boxes in the panel. As such I tried to recreate but struggled - my initial theory was that if I clicked in a spot where a text box was on the panel - whilst it was hidden - it would reproduce the issue but alas I could not.

Whilst the sim is in this state I cannot use the mouse or keybinds to interact with the 3D cockpit or camera. I can still use the mouse to interact with the menu bar for example or bring up the pause menu. In the end I think the fix for this was to use the menu bar to disable the Navigraph panel from appearing there and a minute or so after doing this the sim started responding normally.

Sorry offer more information - the only thing I know is that this issue appears to be one caused by this panel (as did the previous version).

If there’s anything I can help with to help identify please do let me know!


Hello Rob! Thanks for the feedback.

To clarify - were you unable to find a way to reproduce the issue? Did it only happen once or does it keep happening?

If it keeps happening, please:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:19999
  2. Click Navigraph Charts Beta in the list that appears
  3. Along the top, select the Console tab and take some screenshots of the content near the bottom
  4. Send them to me as a DM, as they could contain sensitive information.

Kind Regards,

Thanks! I’ve just sent you a DM.

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