Star ruxe3n leib arrival

With A32XN once you reach IB725 it doesn’t follow the STAR anymore and changes heading straight to IBA, so you are forced to follow the arrival manually. Thanks for your support.

Hi Alfredo,
sorry, but this is a internal sim-limitiation and is also confirmed by ASOBO/MS. This effect is navdata independent, means this happens also with the default stock navdata and also, this happens on the worldmap and on all in-game aircrafts which use the internal flightmanagement.

There is currently one mod from Working-Title CJ4, which don´t use the internal flightmanagement. The devs has developed their own flightmanagement and this works really great and nearly perfect (including when available missed approaches and holdings).

Here the STAR RUXE3N into LEIB in the WorkingTitle CJ4:

… and here the leg-page of this STAR:



You see the flight path is perfect with the WT CJ4 and the aircraft will follow this path exactly. It is worth to try - all the in-game aircrafts and the WorldMap flightplanning have this limitation and this can only be fixed by ASOBO/MS, there is currently no way for a workaround - but with the WT CJ4 you see, that the data are working correctly and as expected.


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Thanks, Richard. Great customer support. Will try with CJ4 but have to get first familiar with it. Regards.

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