RJFU (Nagasaki Japan) STAR waypoints wrong

Hello everyone.
I just flew from RJTT to RJFU and found that when selecting the star SARUKU that the waypoints aren’t matching the charts. ILS32Z


GLOVR shouldn’t be part of this star and TARAH and TAKAK are missing.

Not sure if this is an issue with Navigraph data or the sim but just wanted to let you know.

Servus Roman,
unfortunately this is a sim limitation with their flightplan engine. The Airbus (also the FBW Airbus) uses the same sim-engine what you see also in the worldmap. This sim-engine has some limitation with linking STARs and approaches because they truncate the flightplan on some point and therefore the flightplan looks not so as on the charts.

When you try the Working-Title CJ4 mod (stable release), you will see that this procedure is absolutely correct, the legs are in the correct sequence and the leg paths are interpreted correctly.

Here the same with this mod (using exactly the same data):


FBW A320 is working to use the same flightplan engine as the WT CJ4 in the future, so I guess we can expect a nearly equal result in one of the next FBW A320 updates but at the moment, they are using the same engine as the sim and as I wrote (and you see), with limitations.

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the explanation.
I took a look at the forum after I posted this and saw that this is a issue with the sim.
Hopefully Asobo will fix that in the future as well.
BTW, absolutely love the Navigraph nav data so far. Only issues I encountered so far are sim related.

Might be worth adding it to the known issues list?
It isn’t a issue with this product but at first glance many might think so.
If there was a post under known issues explaining this you might save some time having to replay to posts like mine.

Hi again Roman

Many thanks for that positive feedback … much appreciated …

Yep, thats my plan for the next week. We will create a “normal” user-case but not with our data, with the stock-data to show our customer, that this is not navdata related. I have a good example from here in the forum and I will try to explain the limitation also in a more technical deep.

I´m sure, ASOBO will fix this also. This sim is very young and we give the sim a chance. Possible that the release was to early but I (or we) know ourself, that it´s hard to find the right time - a product is never finished :wink:

Danke & liebe Grüße

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