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Hello there, I have recently started noticing issues with the sim not matching whats presented on little navmap and other flight planning tools that use Navigraph data. I have the latest cycle for LNM and the latest beta in the sim.

These issues started occurring after the little 128 MB update which I believe was an AIRAC update.

I have included pictures from Bermuda as I am on my way there now, however, I have noticed this with a few airports since the update.

Hi Tanveer,
first of all, thanks for your report. I guess you use the A320X aircraft … there are an existing and confirmed issue by ASOBO with the in-game flightmanagement. This in-game flightmanagement will be used by the WorldMap planner and by all aircrafts which are equippend with FMCs, Garmins, …

WorkingTitle has released a mod for the CJ4, which don´t use these in-game flightmanagement. They have created their own, with their own logic and here, you see nearly in all cases that the procedures are correct (comparing with the charts or any other tools like LNM).

I have made a test with the WT CJ4 mod, with your example TXKF / ILS30-Y MOMOM1 via ANVER

and here the leg-pages:


You see, the data are correct with the WT CJ4 mod. The WT CJ4 mod uses exactly the same data as all other in-game aircrafts but they are using their own logic and not the in-game logic. There are a “Known issues” category here in the forum, where we have tried to describe such strange behaviors. All of this issues are still reported to ASOBO and they have confirmed it, that the internal logic is not correct in every situation.

So, my recommedation is: Try the WorkingTitle CJ4 mod and compare the procedures with your other tools, you will see, that the logic in nearly all cases are correct in this mod. For all the other in-game aircrafts there is no real-solution to solve this strange things.

Hope that helps

Thank you. I was afraid this was yet another Asobo issue, sigh. They really should’ve worked with you guys from the get go. Hopefully someone will come along and fix these issues for the other airliners like WT did with the CJ4.

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