STAR for ENGM incomplete

STAR LUNIP4L for ENGM is incomplete. Only DEVKU and GM416 is there before INSUV. GM417, GM414 and GM413 is missing.

Hi Mogens,
sorry for the late reply … Unfortunately, this is an internal, confirmed by ASOBO/MS, sim limitation in the flightmanagement logic. Not complete/odd flightpaths on STARs/Approaches (in the FMCs, on the WorldMap, …), truncated waypoints, USR/Rxxx pseudo waypoints happen in all in-game default aircrafts which all use this flightmanagement logic.

This limitation has nothing todo with the used navdata (default stock data from NavBlue or our data from Jeppesen). This happens independent of the navdata which you will use.

Solution? No, we have no solution and we can´t offer any workaround for this because this is rudimentary function in the sim, which can only be fixed by ASOBO/MS.

But, there is an excellent mod for the CJ4 from Working-Title. This mod DON´T use the internal flightmanagement. The devs have developed their own flightmanagment for their FMC and this works nearly perfect (including missed-approach, holdings, … which the default in-game aircrafts don´t support, but which are included in the data). It is really worth to try to mod - it´s called Working-Title CJ4

Here the ND from the WT CJ4 - ENGM LUNIP4L Star via INSUV to IL01L:

… and here the correspoding leg-path:



You see the WT CJ4 shows the flightpath of this STAR perfect, because they don´t use the internal sim flightmanagement. It´s worth to try how really accurate the data are. The default sim aircrafts don´t handle the data very well and therefore you see only the “completeness” of our data but not how perfect they work.


Hi Richard

Thanks for the information. That explains why I have the same problem both with and without Navigraph. Hopefully will Asebo solve the problem. It is important that SID’s and STAR’s are correct when flying online on VATSIM. And yes, I have noticed that the problem is not there in CJ4 with ‘Working-title’.

All the best




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