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Hi I have the latest rev 2 of AIRAC 2101 installed in MSFS 2020 but I’ve noticed some approaches still do not match the charts. The most recent was a flight EIDW - LSZH. The SID and STAR are fine but the ILS28 approach for LSZH is different. I’ve tried importing directly from SimBrief and entering it manually and the result is the same.

Navigraph .
The route in the Airbus MCDU matches the MSFS planner too.

The NIMA2L STAR into EIDW is wrong as another example. In MSFS it just goes direct from KERAV to LAPMO.

Hi Brian,
sorry to say but this is data independent, means this is a internal limitation in the sim. This strange things (truncated waypoints, wrong paths, strange linkage between STARs and approaches) are confirmed by ASOBO/MS in their developer 3rd party forum and also in the communication between ASOBO/MS and us.

We can only wait till this internal logic is fixed - this happens an all in-game aircrafts and in on the world-map and as I wrote, data independent - so also with the stock data from NavBlue.

What I want to try is the Working-Title CJ4 because the guys have developed a complete own flight-planner logic for this FMC and this mod interprets the data nearly perfect. The linkage between STARs, Approaches (including transitions) works as expected. It is really worth a try. The FBW guys are also working on a complete independent flight-planning FMC (currently they use also the internal logic of the sim with all these limitations and strange issues), so I guess in the near future, we have at least two very good mods which interpret the navdata correctly.

Here the BLM2G STAR to ILS28 into Zürich on the WT CJ4 FMC


as an additional - with the missed-approach part:

… and here the final on the navigation-display

And here the NIMA2L arrival for 28L into Dublin:

You see, the data is completely identically to the charts and the WT CJ4 interprets the data nearly absolutely correctly. Of course, there is also a lot of improvements possible but all in all, it looks very good and you can fly IFR without any strange waypoints, truncated waypoints or strange turn-arounds.

So, it´s really worth to look deeper into the WT CJ4 :wink: … sorry, the in-game flight planner doesn´t interpret the data correctly and the ASOBO/MS logic is a little bit hard to get used to …


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the super detailed reply! Glad to know I haven’t just messed up the install then. :grin: I actually have the Working Title CJ4 installed but haven’t had a chance to do much with it yet so I must give it a go.

Thanks again,

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