Star - flight plan unusable

I have 12 months subscription to Navigraph. The latest AIRA cycles are loaded

I used SimBrief to create a flight plan from OKBK (Kuwait) to OYAA (Aden in Yemen). Arrival runway to be ILS 08. This was used to create a “company route” for the aircraft.

SimBrief uses STAR SAP7A and Approach D08 for arrival. This produced final waypoints of KRA, D275L, CD01, FD08 and RW08.

The PMDG 777 uses STAR SAP7A and Approach ILS 08 (There is no D08 approach). This produced final waypoints KRA, CI08, FI08 and RW08.

The flight plan produced in the 777 is impossible to land.

The waypoints from SimBrief would enable the aircraft to land. Note that the waypoints referenced by SimBrief can be manually entered into the 777 arrival waypoints.

Since the PMDG aircraft have the Navigraph charts loaded, why do the final waypoints differ?

… because you have selected the wrong approach?!

There are two approaches to 08 into OYAA … one VOR08 approach (D08) and one ILS08 approach (I08). Both are existing in SimBrief, both are existing in the PMDG 777.


That both has other waypoints is clear, because they are different approach types.

And by the way … the PMDG 777 can also handle a VOR-approach very well …

Hope that helps,