Sid egkk rw26l

Trying to understand, dep from EGKK 26L simbrief sends me to ODVID but according to Navigraph only RW 08 uses ODVID. Simbrief doesn’t mention a SID here. Is this a mistake from Simbrief or am I overseeing something? (and that is a serious possibility) :wink:

Probably the last planned route was for runway 26 and contains OVDIK as the first waypoint. SimBrief can select the correct runway-specific SID provided they end at the same waypoint, but associating each runway with a specific initial waypoint is much trickier and would probably have to be added on a case-by-case basis (i.e. can’t be automated in a generic way).

Therefore, when departing from runway 08, you may need to manually select a route with ADMAG as the first waypoint. Alternatively you can manually replace ODVIK Y311 DVR by ADMAG Y312 DVR and vice-versa as required.



clear, thanks for the explanation!

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