Problem in flight plan generation

i need your help to understand what is happening in simbrief program

I used a lot of time simbrief free to create flight plan to upload in fs2020 waiting to subscript the charts.

Since few days ago i’m edit the plan as i made alwais and at this moment is correct showing all the point of the flight plan,

When I press generate the flight plan the program lost all the points and show a direct route.

Please what can I do to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi, on the flight options page, make sure the “Detailed Navlog” option is enabled.

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On my side, it is approach procedure that is never generated as it is on my original route created with Navigraph and copied/pasted in Simbrief. SID and STAR are OK but the generated route from there never includes RNAV or ILS approches even if I can see the Approach Code pasted along with destination Airport and of course I’ve chose “Detailed Navlog”.

That said, Navigraph Copy/Paste function has some flaws too but it’s another question.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Laurent, you seem to be having a different issue, perhaps start your own topic so as to not add confusion to someone else’s?



Hi Laurent,

SimBrief does not include approach procedures, only the SID, STAR, and route. This is why normally it is recommended to plan your flight in SimBrief first, then import into Charts to select an approach, etc.

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Hi ,
I solved the issue .
I have not set the detail flight plan in simbrief . Now is functioning correctly.

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