Route Planning

Hi! I wanted to say that I am in love with the new version 8, it is simply beautiful.
But there is still something that I feel could be better, precisely with the route planning.
My best way of putting this in the best context is with an example:
Flight MMGL to MMPR; a short flight but in which there are many SIDs and STARs, at the time of making the flight plan, if I let the Navigraph app do it automatically, this is the route:

So, as seen here, the route without any sid or star is DUNSU UJ14 LIPEP, and the problem is, that if I try to find a SID from MMGL Runway 11 can’t find any, but I can from rwy 29, which the SID would be DUNSU1, BUT, if I go to Simbrief, and use the Route Finder option, it gives me this route:

Only waypoint is LIPEP for which there are SIDs and STARs for pretty much any runway, in MMGL and MMPR.
I would love to have this same type of route planning on the Navigraph Autoroute as I also noticed that this function never does a DCT route from waypoint to waypoint.

I know I can use Simbrief to get a good flight plan but I’ll love to have the same thing on Navigraph as I feel it more intuitive. :grin:

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