Sometimes the SID does not show up in the tabs at the bottom of the screen

hi, i’m mainly using the browser version of charts. i’ve noticed at some airports that when i have a SID selected for my flight, the shortcut for viewing it does not show up at the bottom of the screen. it seems like it only happens at some airports but it when it does, it never works, reloading the flight or restarting does not seem to fix it. it seems like it almost never happens at usa airports but happened at almost every airport i’ve visited recently in mexico for example. saw it again just now at LKKV. thanks for any insight

here is another example of this bug. MMUN->MMAA
i wonder if it may have something to do with the sid page listing all the available sids by runway instead of by the sid names?

Yes, that is very likely. It is not standard procedure to do so, and we are therefore unable to link these procedures to a specific chart. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do in such a scenario! There is no way to tell which procedures are covered by each chart.

As you can see, the rest of the procedures (arrivals and approaches) do follow standard procedures and they are correctly recognized.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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maybe there is already a function for this, is there a way i can manually add a page to the pegboard? so if i find it in the list myself, at least i can easily have it one click away?
EDIT: i just answered my own question, the little thumbtack button does the trick

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Indeed, that is it! Hope that works for you!