SID has chosen manual termination & won't be visualized in flight plan?

New Navigraph user here and could really use some help. Flight planning from Calgary Alberta Canada to Toronto Ontario. When I try to choose my SID options, regardless of runway chosen, I get a prompt that says “Sid has chosen manual termination & won’t be visualized in the flight plan”. In other words I can’t choose any SID for this flight as each combination/option I choose, I get this message. So I can never get rid of the dotted line and complete that portion of my flight plan. No idea what I am doing wrong or if this is some bug. Anybody have any ideas or have experienced this? This is driving me nuts.

Hello Shane! Welcome to the forum.

What you have stumbled upon is called an “Open SID” (reference). This SID, unlike others, relies on manual flight (guided by ATC) to reach the last (and only) non-airport waypoint in the SID. Please have a look at the charts for the SIDs at CYYC and you’ll see what I mean.

This means that our Charts application cannot possibly render a path, as it is determined “on-the-go” by the pilot/ATC. I am not entirely familliar with this type of SID, but I would expect there to be a flight discontinuity/VECTOR in the FMC.

So all in all: You’re doing nothing wrong. It’s not a bug either, but rather an unusual type of departure :slight_smile:


Thanks Malte for replying and giving me that information. Appreciate your help and now this makes sense.

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