Aiport/SID/Approach tabs in chart are in wrong sequence


Today I performed a quick test circuit at Sydney and noticed that the sequence of the tabs at the bottom of the chart were in the wrong sequence. e.g. YSSY , 12-42 GLS RWY 16R, 10-9 Airport, 10-3A Abbey 3 RNAV DEP from left to right.

The route I was flying was YSSY > Abbey 3 SID > WOL > RIVET > GOMUB > URDEN > GLS RWY 16R > YSSY

Instead of showing Airport, SID, STAR, Approach, Airport in my case I had Approach, Airport, SID displayed. Note in my case I had not selected a STAR but nonetheless the Approach should not come before the SID.

Could you please check this observation and determine if this is a bug or not?
I was using the desktop charts version (latest).


Hello Mark! Thank you for the feedback!

The scenario that you have created is currently not immediately supported by the pinboard. Having two instances of the same chart in one pinboard like you mention (2x airport chart) will not be considered, but having optimal sorting in the case where the origin and destination are the same is definitely something we will look into!

The team will have a look at implementing a custom sorting mode for this scenario after the summer holidays. Thanks again for the feedback!

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

Thx for the reply.
Yes I agree with you, on a circuit it makes no sense to have the same Airport chart twice but having the other tabs in the correct sequence would definitely help.

Thank you for considering this improvement.


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Hello again!

The latest update 8.31.0 includes a few changes that should make this scenario a bit better when it comes to the pinboard. Try it out and let us know how it feels!

Kind Regards,